Either find a way, or make one.


The Minimal Jean is a result of the frustration of three entrepreneurs who were unable to find a simple, good quality pair of denims that we could wear to work without having to shell out a ton of cash. The jeans we could find were either over-priced or over-designed, or both. To fix that, we set out on a journey of over 11 months where we talked to manufacturers, designers, consultants & tailors. We learnt all we could about denims just so we could cut all the crap out and produce a pair that just works. Strip it down to the bare bones and build it back up to create the quintessential 5-pocket indigo jean. The Minimal Jean is exactly that. It is classic. It is sturdy. And it is clean.

Our Manufacturing


We use 100% cotton denim fabric from Arvind Mills, the textile jewel of India known for making the some of the finest fabrics in the world. All our fabrics are light to medium weight with the right amount of stretch and breath ability.


Stress areas are chain-stitched for double the strength and comfort.
With 42 stitches per inch and delicate craftsmanship, the bartack seals heavy stress points around the back pocket & crotch.


Hand scraped and stone washed to give you the classic solid colors that never go out of style. We are constantly trying to minimize the use of chemicals and reduce water consumption to make our jeans friendlier to the environment.


No leather patch – Why skin animals or pollute the environment to add your logo on a patch?
Solid brass buttons and rivets with YKK zippers.


We re-imagined denim packaging for form & functionality. Online buyers are used to receiving plastic bags that need to be ripped off and then have to be thrown away. Not anymore. We spent extra time & effort to make sure you love the box your denim comes in and use it.


Products are only as good as the people that make them. We make our denims right here in India to bring jobs back to the country. Every stitch, button, rivet and detail has been carefully handcrafted by craftsmen with decades of experience. Each pair of jeans is unique & unmatched in quality.

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